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Cake au naturel

June 20, 2011

For those of you who follow us on twitter (we are @temptingcake if you don’t), you may remember this picture being posted a few months back:

Trio of au naturel berry cakes

Trio of au naturel berry cakes

Image: Tempting Cake

The couple opted to have 3 individual tiers for their wedding cake at The Wharf in Teddington.  They enjoyed a juicy blueberry and almond sponge (perfect for the sunny day it turned out to be) and a wicked chocolate cake with decadent chocolate filling.  While the sides of the cake were exposed au naturel, the tops were decorated with fresh berries to give a jewel-like effect which also paired well with the sponge flavours.

We’ve since had other orders for rustic cakes, including this one for a wedding at The Grove in Hertfordshire:

Three tier rustic cake

Three-tier three layered cake au naturel, decorated with flowers and berries

Image: Tempting Cake

The cakes were all the same flavour (victoria sponge) but filled with extra creamy buttercream and a fresh strawberry purée.   The top was adorned with berries and a peony in full bloom, while the exposed edges of the larger tiers were decorated with berries and hydrangeas to coordinate with the flowers on the table behind.

TC x

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