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Tempting Tables Interview With The Ebury Collection

June 12, 2012

Back in September last year we were thrilled to be interviewed for a feature on The Ebury Collection.  If you’re a bride-to-be then you’ll find their stylish collection of ideas and companies invaluable when planning your wedding day.

Here’s the article in full:

A concept that’s been around in the US for a while, has now started to appear at weddings and celebrations over here and is proving very popular! The lovely people at Tempting Cake have been creating some beautiful ‘Tempting Tables’ recently and I asked them to tell me a little more about them…

How do you start planning a Tempting Table?

“First off, we meet with the client to find out the kind of look they’re after, as well as details such as the number of guests, any dietary requirements and where the Tempting Table will be set up.

From there, we’ll draw up the design inspiration from which the details of the Tempting Table will follow. While this is coming together, ideas are already starting to form as to how we translate the client requirements into a Tempting Table. There are various elements to consider including backdrop, table covering, presentation dishes, labels and of course the delicious cakes, desserts and sweeties themselves. We’ll brainstorm some ideas, raid our recipe collection and draw up a list of suggestions which fit the client’s requirements.”

Ballet Tempting Table

Ballet Tempting Table. Image by Tempting Cake

How do you decide what to include in a Tempting Table?

“The beauty of a Tempting Table is that the options are endless, although this can make it hard to decide what to include! We take into consideration the guests who will enjoy the Tempting Table, as the suggestions for a sophisticated evening wedding will differ to those for a whimsical children’s birthday party, for example.

We always try to include bites which are first of all a feast for the eyes, whilst ensuring they deliver on taste too. We aim to offer a range of traditional treats and perennial favourites like cupcakes, as well as some more contemporary bites such as dragon fruit, mango and passion fruit spoons to provide interest and a little something for all tastes. We also consider colour, texture and how the various menu items will be presented when making our selection.”

Tempting Table Moroccan look

Tempting Table Moroccan Style. Image by Liesl Cheney

Where do dessert tables come from?

“Dessert tables, cake bars, candy buffets and sweetie stations have around in the US for a while now, so it’s perhaps natural that they are proving popular here too.

Buffets are certainly nothing new and the concept of self-service food presented from elaborate tables and ‘court cupboards’ dates back to 16th century Europe. More recently, Californian artist Wayne Thiebaud captured what could be considered an early cake bar in his 1963 painting ‘Cakes’.

Dessert tables could also be described as simply a grown-up version of our childhood party tables. The buffet of pink wafer biscuits, party rings and iced gems of old has evolved into chocolate dipped meringues, black tie strawberries and mini cupcakes, all beautifully styled and presented.”

Bright White Tempting Table

Bright White Tempting Table. Image by Liesl Cheney

So there you have it! If you’d like to know any more about our Tempting Tables, please let us know!

TC x

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