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5 Reasons To Have A Tempting Table

June 18, 2012

You may have seen our Tempting Tables in the press lately and be interested to find out a little more about them. Not quite sure how one could work for you and your celebration? Where would it go? What would it do? We’ve pulled together 5 top reasons why having a Tempting Table is a good idea…

Tempting Tables provide decoration in what could otherwise be a blank area of the reception room.  They are a great way to maximise the styling elements such as the flowers, table decorations and menu cards from the rest of your wedding.  And of course the food items themselves can all be thoughtfully and decoratively designed to tie in with all the details.


Tempting Tables allow you to provide a sumptuous selection of dishes for your guests.  Through the various menu items you can be sure you’ll appeal to all ages from children (where chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate is usually the order of the day) to those with more sophisticated palettes.

Elderflower and vodka jellies. Image by Liesl Cheney

Elderflower and vodka jellies. Image by Liesl Cheney

3. Original

Like finger prints and zebra markings, no two Tempting Tables are ever the same so with a Tempting Table you can’t help but stand out and be unique.  They are an interesting alternative to a more formal plated dessert, or ideal as an energy boost to keep your revellers going long into the night.

Moroccan inspired Tempting Table. Image by Liesl Cheney

Moroccan inspired Tempting Table. Image by Liesl Cheney

4. “I’m a fruitarian”

Let’s face it. These days culinary entertaining is a veritable minefield with so many food allergies/intolerances/preferences to cater for.  But no longer shall your gluten-free or dairy-free friends be excluded from the good stuff, as Tempting Tables provide something for everyone.  Well labelled, of course.

5. Social mixer

Tempting Tables encourage guests to mix and mingle.  They’re a great conversation starter if you’re throwing together people from all walks of your life.

Are you having a dessert table at your wedding?  We’d love to know what made you choose one!

TC x

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